THE LONG DRIVE HOME - filmed 2012 / out in 2014

THE LONG DRIVE HOME, a feature film written and directed by William Tyler, was filmed the summer of 2012 with an all Oklahoma cast and crew. The Long Drive Home will be screening at the 2014 Red Dirt International Film Festival in Stillwater Oklahoma September 19th & 20th.
THE LONG DRIVE HOME is the story of Ryan and Jessica headed to Mississippi with their dementia-addled, but good natured Uncle John (played by Mark Adam Goff) to attend the funeral of their recently deceased grandmother. With Jessica in a seemingly failed marriage and Ryan carrying a secret he has kept from his family, the baggage they are packing is heavy. They end their exhausting journey south only to be greeted by their overbearing mother and her never-ending critique on their lives as she hides her own depression with a bottle of wine. However, Aunt Fran and Uncle John are ever present to add humor to the ailing situation. With laughter and tears, director William Tyler takes his audience deep into the recesses of a modern southern family's struggle to stay together during a time of separation and death. THE LONG DRIVE HOME is the journey of a family's fight to overcome division and difference of opinion and stay driven by love. 
 WINDSOR is a feature film written & directed by Porter Farrell of Turnpike Pictures. It will be filmed late summer 2014 in northern Texas. It is the story of a teen fighting for her small town, struggling to hold her shattered family together, all the while fighting a corporate giant. Barry Corbin stars as Gil Denton, Joe Stevens as Buck Thompson, Mark Adam Goff as Sheriff Hank Kinsey and Stelio Savante as Perry Gandy.
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